Hi, I'm Natalie! 🌸

I like to ask questions and figure out how things have come to be the way they are today. I'm always curious about how people think and the way it shapes their way of living. What methods or systems work for people and why do they not work for others?

I found my love for design when I learned about the field of UI/UX design. I was fascinated by being able to combine art and technology and the endless possibilities.

Awards 🏆

AthenaHacks – Best Entertainment Hack
UI Designathon – First Place
Hackville – Third Place
Adobe + A&E Networks Creative Jam – Finalist

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What do I do
beyond design...

Sticker shop

During the pandemic, I was creating a lot of digital art so I decided to start a sticker shop for fun as a small side business. My shop's no longer active, but this was one of the hobbies I picked up.

Photography 📷

I enjoy capturing moments and editing photos. Editing is the most rewarding and exciting part for me because there's always so much to learn and experiment with!

Drawing and painting 🎨

Ever since I could pick up a pencil, I've been drawing and painting. I've loved art since I was a kid 😊