3rd Place

Sheridan Accessible Learning Portal


Persona, user journey, user flow, wireframing, sketching, prototyping

Team Members

Yasmine Abdelrahman, Julia Correia,
Jaime Velasquez
(all designers)

Tools Used



36 hours + 6 weeks
(re-vamped after)

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Project Context

This project for Hackville 2021 focused on improving Sheridan College's Accessible Learning (AL) Accommodations application to help students with educational barriers reach their full potential.

๐Ÿ† Our product came in 3rd place out of 100+ participants.


The accommodations journey poses more obstacle than aid

The Sheridan College community is expansive, encompassing students with diverse educational needs. Accessible Learning (AL) is designed to provide barrier-free access for students facing disabilities.

However, the current accommodations application process is overly complex and convoluted, involving multiple layers of printed documents and interactions, creating a challenging experience.

Challenge Statement

โ€œHow might we collaborate within our communities to reimagine learning and education so that no one is left behind and all youth and adults can realize their full potential?โ€

Project Context

This project for Hackville 2021 focused on improving Sheridan College's Accessible Learning (AL) Accommodations application to help students with educational barriers reach their full potential.

๐Ÿ† Our product came in 3rd place out of 100+ participants.


Sharing our proposal - the Sheridan Accessible Learning Portal

Our goal was to streamline the process for Sheridan College students applying for accommodations, ensuring they can easily access the assistance they require. Now, the entire application procedure is available online using a centralized portal, minimizing confusion and enhancing accessibility.

Key features



Students can track and save their application progress



Students can contact or schedule meetings with an advisor for inquiries



Accommodation records can be sent directly to their professors


Learning about students' pain points

Working with the hackathon's 36-hour time limit, we gathered data on a couple of students' pain points based on their experiences with the AL Accommodations process.


โ˜Ž๏ธ Back and Forth Communication

Students had to talk back and forth and make appointments with the AL staff until the paper work was completed.

๐Ÿ•‘ Time Constraints


Since the application is a lengthy process, students felt overwhelmed while trying to adjust to a new school environment and semester.

๐Ÿ”„ Constant Need to Re-Update Statues


Students had to contact their AL Advisor every term in order to forward their accommodation records to professors.


Unraveling a story: highlighting frustrations faced by Sheridan students with disabilities

For individuals navigating disabilities, securing accommodations becomes confusing and inhibitive due to significant barriers, including lengthy wait times and system complexity.

User Flow

Outlining a better flow that simplifies the application process

User Journey Map

Planning the ideal application experience, free from current frustrations

Ellie's experience as she navigates a streamlined pathway through the accommodation application process, unveiling the emotions, challenges, and triumphs along the way.


Transforming Our Ideas into Paper

At this stage, we prioritized on identifying how the key features would interact with each other. Finishing this process helped the team visualize how we wanted the platform to be as a whole.


Matching the Sheridan brand for consistency

As this solution seamlessly integrates into Sheridanโ€™s website, we have applied their style guides and branding to ensure cohesiveness.


Dive into the features

A walkthrough of the new Sheridan Accessible Learning Portal's features to help students apply for learning accommodations, book appointments and get requests approved for test/exam accommodations at Sheridan College.

Upload Required Documents

Students can access and upload documents through the portal, eliminating the need for physical submissions and visits to the accommodations office for required materials.

Book Appointments

Schedule appointments with your accommodations advisor, seamlessly syncing with your class timetable to find a convenient time for all.

Submit Accommodations for Tests and Assignments

This feature ensures both your AL Advisor and professors are informed promptly when you require accommodations for specific course content or classes.

Submit Accommodations for Tests and Assignments

Built-in accessibility features for students with specific needs. This includes bigger text, a screen narrator, and high color contrast.


Initiated during a 3-day hackathon, this project's journey extended beyond its initial stages. Version 2 was marked by minor adjustments. However, recognizing areas for ongoing improvement, a decisive choice was made to undertake a comprehensive overhaul over six weeks, resulting in the creation of version 3.

Application Progress Tracker


  • The colours used for the timeline for the application process were potentially confusingโ€

  • Using red for completed tasks can cause users to mistake them as incomplete, since red is associated with alerts and warningโ€

Version 2

  • Using red and green which are commonly used to indicate incomplete and completed tasks respectively provides an instant visual aid

Confirming an Appointment


  • Showing the appointment times that are no longer available (in grey) is meaningless since users cannot book these sessionsโ€

Version 2

  • In order to reduce confusion and information overload, the taken time slots were removed

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