Visual Design

Google Doodle


Animation, Illustration

Team Members

Solo Project

Tools Used

Procreate and Photoshop


2 weeks


This Google Doodle was designed and animated for the first day of spring. My goal was to simulate a happy and relaxing spring day 


I was inspired by well-maintained gardens at tourist attractions where you walk through a path with fancy lights, statues and flowers that are placed on raised platforms. 

For the design, I wanted to explore creating a Google Doodle that would fit into a cube or isometric box because I was intrigued by the use of them to create an environment in Minecraft.



I made various explorations of the perspectives and angles of the box to see what would work best.

In the first image, the perspective of the box was incorrect and not as visually pleasing compared to the isometric box. In the rest of the images that show the process of making the isometric box, Google was not legible enough. 

I tried filling in the holes of the letters and using Google's colours to help with legibility, but it was still hard to read. I decided to simplify the design to draw viewers' attention to Google. Since the search bar is horizontal I matched the design with it for symmetry. 

Final Result


Reflecting on the process

Less Is More

I learned that having a complicated design does not mean it is more effective.

Animating In Procreate

This was my first time using Procreate to create a GIF. When exporting the file, some of my colours changed. I was able to fix this issue by creating a smaller canvas size. It was not able to process all the colours that I had due to the large file size.

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