Is This Consent?

My Role

Visual Designer,

Team Members

Solo Project

Tools Used

Photoshop, Adobe XD, HTML, JS


5 weeks


"Create and manipulate images as pieces of digital art to represent a social issue. This image must respond to user input and the user interaction will happen either through a keyboard or mouse."

April is sexual assault awareness month. This project is about raising awareness to educate people on consent.

My intention was to mimic peoples’ experiences by putting responses on the screen for users to test whether they know if a particular response is an indication of a yes or no.

This prompts them to think more carefully about consent and realize how important it is. Many of the responses are ambiguous which makes users doubt if it is actually consent or not.

Brainstorming (Sketches)


Creating an Impactful Collage

By experimenting with different layouts and continuously exploring how to improve the collage, I was able to make a bold statement with this piece. There should be a reason for every design decision that is made. This helped me figure out what I needed to add or remove from the composition to help enhance the message that is being portrayed.

Making Constraints

In order for the text colour to change to green or red when the user hovers over a response, I had to create constraints in the code. This means I had to input the start and end points of the x axis for the text. In easier terms, imagine there was a box around each response and whenever the user's mouse hovers over any area of that box, the text colour changes.